Launch of “The Cultural Revolution in Images: Caricature-Posters from Guangzhou 1966-1977”

The Library is proud to partner with  Dr. Laura Pozzi , Lecturer of the   Centre for China Studies , to launch this new digital colle... thumbnail 1 summary

The Library is proud to partner with Dr. Laura Pozzi, Lecturer of the Centre for China Studies, to launch this new digital collection, “The Cultural Revolution in Images: Caricature-Posters from Guangzhou 1966-1977”. Through high-definition digitization, the collection showcasing 216 original posters from the Library on the Cultural Revolution is now available online to the academic community throughout the world. With the curation effort of Dr. Pozzi, all the posters were meticulously classified and the collection is organized into two sections: the first entitled “Caricature Posters of the Cultural Revolution in Guangzhou” showcases posters dated between 1966 and 1967; the second section entitled “The End of the Gang of Four” presents posters dated between 1976 and 1977. The posters are then divided according to their content, mostly the identity of the politician they targeted. All the information about each image (author and date of production) together with a translation of texts and slogans contained in the posters are accessible by either clicking the individual poster or mouse over an individual poster in each section. 
According to Dr. Pozzi, most of the pieces showcased in this collection are satirical caricatures against party leaders drawn in Guangzhou during the Cultural Revolution. This satirical content sets them apart from most known images of the Cultural Revolution, which are mainly propagandistic. It is hoped that this unique and valuable collection will be helpful to scholars in their research and teaching.
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香港中文大學圖書館很榮幸與中國研究中心講師 Laura Pozzi博士合作推出新的圖書館數碼館藏:”漫畫中的文化大革命:廣州的諷刺宣傳畫 1966-1977”。216幅文化大革命期間的政治諷刺宣傳畫全部由圖書館收藏,透過高清掃瞄將此數碼館藏呈現給全世界。館藏中所有海報均由Pozzi博士精心分類為兩部分:第一部分“文革期間的廣州諷刺宣傳畫”收錄了1966至1967年的宣傳畫;第二部分“粉碎四人幫”則收錄1967至1977年的作品。除了以年份為主要區分,宣傳畫亦依照內容,尤其是作品中政治人物再作分類。讀者可將鼠標移至宣傳畫海報及點擊海報以了解更多相關資料,當中包括作者及創作年份及宣傳畫中所使用中文文本及口號的英譯版本。
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