Just a few hours to go: The Digital Scholarship Lab will open officially on March 17 at 3:00 p.m.

In these few weeks, the team members of Research Support & Digital Initiatives stayed in the Digital Scholarship Lab days and nights to ... thumbnail 1 summary
In these few weeks, the team members of Research Support & Digital Initiatives stayed in the Digital Scholarship Lab days and nights to prepare for the opening of the Lab.

We are all excited about this great day, but we are also nervous and worrying.  Time is the biggest enemy. The site was handed over to the Library on March 7; there are only 10 days to prepare not just for the opening ceremony but also the ongoing operation right after the opening ceremony. More were done, but many more still coming, and many are unexpected!

Yet, the whole team work hand-in-hand to achieve this finally. We have spent weeks to discuss how to modify the interface of the control program to make it as intuitive as possible so that users will find it easy to use, it was only completed one day before the opening. We attended the training on the use of the digital display wall, yet still not familiar until the last two or three days. New computer equipment cannot be delivered until the last two days. Color tuning of the LED TV can only be completed one day before the opening because one of the TV was defective and need replacement.

Many hours of work were used to design the program for unveiling the digital display wall; still much more time was used to select the digital content for display and how to design the flow so that the demonstration can be as smooth and stunning as possible. A lot of mathematical calculation was needed to ensure that the digital backdrop can be projected to the wall without any distortion and in high quality. The technical set up of the digital display wall need to be changed to meet the needs of the opening ceremony. We have to adapt to the new setting, and even during rehearsal, we did not know why some setting did not work. We worried about the late arrival of furniture, yet good news coming that they can be delivered one week before, so much help with this.

We would like to share a few photos here showing how the lab grows. From construction to the installation of the digital display wall to the physical set up of the lab to the preparation of the opening, every step is new to us and every step enhances our belief that the Lab will be useful to our users.

The construction site

The frame for the digital display wall

The digital display wall is on testing
Early arrival of furniture
Easily configurable tables and chairs for discussion and collaboration

Replacement of a defective LED TV

Vendors helping to set up the site for the opening ceremony
Inside the server rack

Setting up the equipment for demonstration at the opening ceremony

Preparing the installation of physical backdrop

The stunning physical backdrop was installed

The digital backdrop also ready now

Setting the lab for the opening ceremony

Specialist software for digital scholarship research on high-performance computers

The digital display wall and the 80-inch interactive white board

The Lab is the place to innovate, to experiment, to immerse in research, to get together, and many more. It is actually the place for you.

We have prepared.  Your turn now to use this Lab!

Please join us in the opening ceremony on March 17, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. in the Digital Scholarship Lab.